Beginning January 2015 we will be inviting our Ra Men Jurassic Supporters to join us for 30 minute “after-parties” on EXCLUSIVE Google+ hangouts with Aron, Mark and the guests (when possible) after every show. We will also create a PRIVATE group on Facebook that will be for supporters only.

The hangout will ONLY be available to subscribers with the link being mailed out DURING every show and posted in the private group. The first 10 subscribers to join the party will be LIVE with us on video with the next 90 getting included live in the chat area!

You can become a JURASSIC LEVEL SUPPORTERĀ of the show for only $3.99 a month!

Help support the show. Subscribe. Join us for the after party.

Subscribe here:

*People giving $20 a video or MORE to Aron’s patreon page will get FREE membership to the Ra Men Jurassic Supporters group and invites to the after parties!

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